What SPI Marketing Can Do for You | A Full-service Gay Marketing, Events, PR, Media and Sales Organization

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What SPI Can Do for You

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  • SPI Marketing: Lifestyle and Gay Marketing.

  • Campaigns that Deliver.

  • Gay Marketing Strategies that Work
  • Gay Event Marketing and Management
  • Gay Marketing Outreach and Merchandising

A Boutique Agency with Big Capabilities

SPI is a full-service marketing, events, PR, media and sales organization providing strategies and tools to reach LGBT consumers. SPI was one of the first marketing agencies to enter the LGBT community in 1996. From research and strategic planning, to activation and distribution, SPI Marketing is the only LGBT agency with field teams in 12 cities able to communicate directly to over half a million consumers.

SPI Marketing is a one-stop shop that knows the urban and gay consumer market better than anyone. With combined backgrounds in Beverage, Auto, Consumer products, luxury brands, travel and more; we can help re-energize your presence in this lucrative segment. Since 1996, SPI has planned the strategic entry or supported existing programs targeting gay and lesbian consumers for clients like ABSOLUT Vodka, Diet Pepsi, SoBe Lifewater, American Airlines, LOGO, Aquafina, and IBM.

We ThinkWe listen closely to clients and their needs and develop a specific communication program that meets and exceeds these needs. Our understanding of the gay and lesbian market is based not only on years of experience working in this community, but through exhaustive research that goes beyond surveys and shaky statistics.

We combine intuition and experiential knowledge with innovative data to present a dynamic image of the marketplace that helps clients connect with the consumers they want to reach. From quantitative to qualitative to multi-modal research, we think creatively and critically about client needs. We have experience conducting focus groups, survey work and engaging in other modes of inquiry.

We can provide clients with customized research, historical perspectives and a deeper understanding of the gay and lesbian market. We don’t think that some numbers tell the whole story of the gay and lesbian market, and we don’t think that reaching out to gay and lesbian consumers is a matter of simply hitting another target demographic. While we are a pioneer in the gay and lesbian market, we never rest on our laurels.

We are constantly updating the map of this community to help guide our clients through it. We can provide clients with honest perspectives about where exactly the gay and lesbian market is headed, and how to best capture the attention of these consumers. We’ll be glad to offer strategic communication consultation or provide an entire marketing plan for your company.

We ReachSPI marketing has established mutually-beneficial relationships in 12 US cities. The reach of SPI extends to gay and lesbian consumers in bars, clubs and through "lifestyle" events.

Our team of sampling agents and models can help create a memorable brand experience that reaches consumers in the heart of their communities.

We can plan and execute events that range from small promotions to major events that are focused on details and maximize brand presence.

For over a decade we’ve been planning and managing some of the gay and lesbian community’s most important events, and we’re always ready for more.

From creative planning to logistics to meeting consumers where they live and play, we can help clients create one-of-a-kind promotional events.

Our connections and relevance at key gay and lesbian sites across the US makes SPI a perfect partner for events that are truly an experience.

We CommunicateWe work with the best and brightest in the industry and have the resources on hand to deliver full service strategic communications services including advertising, public relations, media relations and training, media planning, identity and branding development, community outreach, and general contracting on marketing programs.

At SPI we take our job building brands seriously and we work with clients to develop unconventional and dynamic programs that connect with the gay and lesbian consumer in way that delivers results.

We don’t have stock advice about how to reach the gay and lesbian consumer, but we know how to communicate through mediated and interpersonal contact.

From sampling events in clubs to national print and television campaigns, and from public relations placements in niche media to one-of-a-kind signature events, we know how to make an impact where it matters.